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Weight Loss Program

Weight Loss Program

SPARK Your Body Into Weight Loss!

So many Americans struggle with losing weight.  Here at SPARK we can help you figure out the best diet and exercise for your body as well as the specific foods you need to avoid to lose weight.  In many cases you hit a plateau because of poor metabolism, imbalanced hormones or toxins and chemicals that inhibit optimum cellular performance. 

SPARKS’s weight loss program is custom matched to your body to help you lose weight by correcting your metabolism, re-balancing hormones, and flushing out harmful toxins and pathogens. Your custom remedy will support your body in making energetic corrections so you can meet your weight loss goals.  

What’s Included: 
  • Custom Body Balancing Remedy
  • Bioenergetic Analysis Report
  • Weight Loss Balancing Remedy
  • Weight Loss report
    • Foods to avoid for weight loss
    • Recommended exercise regimen
    • Recommended diet plan
    • Recommended Weight loss supplements and essential oils*
*Each weight loss product is analyzed with the bioenergetic scan to determine which products will best support your weight loss journey.  Once you have reviewed your weight loss analysis report you can order any of the supplements and essential oils that your body needs for additional support.