God has provided everything we need on this earth for us to take care of our bodies that he masterfully created!
For two years I was bounced from specialist to specialist with no answers and no relief.  Some of the doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery, but they weren't optimistic that they would find any answers. Some even recommended a hysterectomy. I never had a peace about surgery and removing the parts that God created me with. 

Feeling quite hopeless, I went to a Naturopathic Doctor that lifted my spirits and got me started on the path to wellness. The journey to wellness led me to begin doing some research of my own.  I kept reading things about essential oils.  All of my childhood my parents had used natural solutions but we had never used essential oils.
I was skeptical that they would help.

I started doing some research on the different essential oil companies and prayed about which brand of oils I should purchase. I wanted to make sure I was getting high quality and oils that would work therapeutically.  I decided on doTERRA because of their 3rd party testing and quality assurance.  I didn't come across anything negative about the company unless it was from a direct competitor.  However, I didn't see doTERRA people being negative to other companies...that is the kind of ethics I like to align myself with.
When my oils arrived I had no idea what to do with them!
I scrounged around for whatever information I could find and I began using them right away.  Digestzen was a life changer!  I call it my gateway oil!  For the first time in years I was able to eat and not deal with negative issues afterwards.  The bloating and gas would dissipate after a drop of the oil under my tongue.
I was feeling so much better!  

A few months later  I began taking the Lifelong Vitality Complex.  WOW!  What a difference it made.  I had more energy than I had experienced in I don't even know how long!  After just three days I realized I was sleeping so much better...I was actually having dreams! It had been years since I had dreamed.  I felt so well rested and full of energy.  

I learned about the 30 day cleanse and I figured that would be a fabulous thing to help my gut issues.  I was right...after that cleanse I didn't need to continue using the Digestzen all the time!  I was going through a bottle per month before the cleanse.  I was doing all of this to help my gut...but I noticed some skin benefits as well.  Since I had been sickly for two years my skin had really taken a toll.  Healing my gut was super beneficial to my skin!
I had my health back!
You better bet that I couldn't help but spread the awesomeness of these oils and supplements to everyone that I could! Then I also started working on other health goals.  

Since the age of 13 I had dealt with hormonal issues. As a teenager I missed a lot of school and as an adult a lot of work. Usually at least 1 or 2 days per month I would be out of school. I had periods that would last 10-13 days and they were extremely heavy flow. Tampons did nothing for me. I had to change pads frequently. I had no idea that wasn't normal!

There were multiple times that I had to be taken to the ER because I was so sick with cramps, nausea and vomiting that they had to give me a shot of muscle relaxer because the pills they gave me wouldn't touch it. 9 months of pregnancy x 3 was the only time in my life that I didn't deal with this nightmare every month. I would typically start feeling bad at least a week prior to my period starting. My legs would ache so bad I couldn't even walk sometimes. Curled up with a heating pad and pain killers a few days each month was a norm.

LLV, Phytoestrogen and ClaryCalm have completely changed my life! I no longer have pain leading up to my period. My period is usually 3-4 days instead of 10-13. The flow is significantly reduced to what is considered normal. A box of pads can last me a few months instead of a few days! I have a few mild cramps occasionally but nothing close to what I used to experience. When I have mild cramping I use the clarycalm. I have had zero cysts and my monthly pain is completely gone! Life changing!!

Occasionally I do get a hormonal headache at the end of my period but I have found that liver supporting oils really help with this. I put geranium and helichrysum topically over my liver. I also drink grapefruit in my water to support my liver.

 I used Clarycalm twice a day on my ankle reflexology points for a year. Now I use it during my period for hormonal support. I take 1 phytoestrogen everyday. I tried going off phytoestrogen and found that I still need it daily.

We don't have to feel bad during that time of the month ladies! 

 We don't have to give up and feel hopeless when we can't get the answers and relief we need.
We can support our body systems with natural solutions!