Signing Up For Your Own Wholesale Account Is Easy!
If you like what you're hearing, a Wholesale Membership is for you! You will join the 3.5 million people around the world who already enjoy purchasing wholesale. The best way to get started is to open a Wholesale Customer account. We can talk business later if that's what you’re leaning towards. But in order to do the business, you've got to love your oils and be a product of the product. Opening your own account is the very best way for you to get essential oils.
Wholesale Benefits
  • Save 25% - 30% back in free products
  • No monthly orders required
  • Easy account management and online ordering
  • Call center access for orders and questions
  • Free website
  • Recieve 25% profit on retail sales
  • Direct acces to additional support, mentorship, training, and tools
  • Community Facebook access
  • Shipping reward points (free shipping)
  • Elect to receive free merchandise and additional benefits
  • Opt in to earn commissions and bonuses
Let's get Started!
There are:
No Hidden Fees
No Required Minimums
No Required Selling

$35 gets you started with your membership, but this DOES NOT include your oils, so let's make sure we hop on a call together so we can help you choose oils that best suits your needs once you join us by starting your membership.

Our tip:  Purchase an enrollment kit when starting out and receive the best value for the money.  This option offers you an incredible variety of oils and blends, and many financial benefits! PLUS, the $35 is waived when you purchase a kit versus going a la carte.
Just Follow These Simple Steps…. 

1. Click 

2. Select your appropriate language and country (We ship to many countries around the World!)

3. Select Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate. We suggest you choose Wholesale Customer first so we can get some of theses beautiful products in your hands (of course you may upgrade later at no charge if you decide to partner with us in the business).

4. An 
Enroller ID and Sponsor ID boxes should already be filled in, but if not, enter 301015 in both boxes so we can best support you. 

5. Fill out your details. If you choose Wholesale Customer you will not need to enter any Tax ID of SSN. If you choose Wellness Advocate you will be asked for your Tax ID number or SSN for tax purposes since you are starting a business.) 

6. Next, you will be asked how you would like to get started, with a Kit OR a $35 membership fee.  If you'd like to build your own kit a la cart, click $35 membership.  **Our suggestion is to start with an 
Enrollment Kit which actually saves you money because your $35 fee is waived. If you are starting with a kit click continue.  If you're not sure which kit to start with, LET'S CHAT BEFORE you sign up! (We can help you save some money!)

That's all there is to it! Super easy! You now have your own account and are ready to begin your journey with these incredible oils. You’ll receive a welcome email from us, and access to our educational group within 24 hours! 

Need a little more information before you commit? We understand. If you do not already have a wholesale account, and would like to to book a call with us, please click the button below.  We'd be happy to answer your questions.

Now what? Have you heard about doTERRA's
Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP)
? LRP is the smartest way to purchase your oils and the way we order our oils monthly. The program is a free optional monthly program that rewards you for placing regular orders. You can change your order every month! And when combined with your wholesale membership, can give you up to 55% back on every oil you purchase. 

In the 5+ years we've been with doTERRA, we've redeemed thousands of dollars in FREE oils from using this program! doTERRA also offers various promotions throughout the year and gives away free oils and products with qualifying orders every single month!  

Some of our doTERRA favorites to start thinking about?

 for that restful night's sleep.   

to relax and ground you.  
Deep Blue

 to soothe those occasional aches and pains.

Lifelong Vitality Supplements

 to give you optimum nutrition and the only supplements with CPTG essential oils!

OnGuard toothpaste
to leave your teeth feeling freshly brushed all day long while giving you a bright healthy smile!

If I sign up with a wholesale account, do I have to sell the oils?

The option to create an income from sharing oils is one of the most exciting aspects of a wholesale membership. However, it is not a requirement. If you just want to use your wholesale membership to purchase oils for yourself and your family that is entirely OK.

What if I live outside of the United States?

That's no problem!  You can reach us from anywhere in the world via email, Zoom, or Facebook.  If you're looking to start with essential oils, we can easily convert the currency for your kit.

What if I'm hesitant to join and shop online?

Get in touch and we will talk it through.  We are here to answer all questions and concerns.

And don't forget, if you’re interested in adding these
 incredible oils to your wellness lifestyle and considering the idea of joining us in partnership with doTERRA as a business, we can upgrade your account to a Wellness Advocate for no additional charge later, when it makes sense.