Curious About Having Your Own Essential Oils Business? 
Are you health conscious? Are you learning to be more mindful of your health? Would you like to help others live a more healthy lifestyle? Then, let's chat! 
Our mission is to get oils in every home.  We can't do that on our own!  We need people like you, that care about others, to join us in our mission! We have team members all over the world and we would love to help you get started as well!

We all have the same desire to empower others with natural solutions while continuously being inspired to elevate our own personal development. We'd love to invite you to our learn, train, play, build lifelong friendships, and enjoy the comradery of a tribe of like minded people! The path has been paved for you. The success is proven. We just need YOU to join the vision of being a world changer alongside us!

If you've been tossing around the idea of starting your own business and creating the life you have seen others live, but you're not quite sure you can do it for yourself. We are here to help! We have a combined 30 years of training in business and we have helped thousands of women create a successful business of their own.  

We also have done several other network marketing businesses in the past. We were highly successful and reached the top levels of each company we were involved in. However, the companies were not built on solid ground, so they fell apart.  We were nervous to get started again in network marketing. But we knew that these oils were powerful and that we needed to share them with the world. They can't be kept a secret for just a few to benefit from!
We knew we had to go with our gut and take the leap of faith that doTERRA was different. The combined experience of the executives and the checks and balances of having 7 owners gave us the confidence to jump in with both feet!  And we are so happy that we listened to our instincts! 
It's time to start consciously creating the life you want.  

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