God has provided everything we need on this earth for us to take care of our bodies that he masterfully created!
My journey to Natural Wellness started 22 years ago. Freshly out of high school and in college, I started having some health problems. It started with a perpetual yeast infection (every single month for 2 YEARS!), this was the most annoying and at the time, most concerning issue for me. At first, I thought oh man, this stinks, and I went to the drug store for some over the counter cream. This was only the beginning of what would turn into 2 years of the vicious cycle of monthly dealing with this. I went to doctors, got meds, treated, started feeling somewhat better for a few days and then it started all over again.   We tried all kinds of different meds, antifungal creams, birth control (to regulate hormones, they said this could be the cause), oral antifungals…. month after month the infections returned.
 I began having some other strange symptoms. I started experiencing numbness and tingling in my face, head and upper arms. At first, I thought this was related to an electrical shock I had received in 10th Grade when we were remodeling our house. But then it became more and more frequent. Added to this, I started having bouts of shortness of breath to the point of feeling like I was suffocating. This was accompanied by severe anxiety because I never knew when these bouts of shortness of breath were going to come. They seemed to be random but they started happening more and more frequently. This was when I really started to get scared and knew I had to have some answers to what was happening in my body. 
 After 2 years of visiting several different doctors with no real answers or solutions and being told that this was just normal for me, I became frustrated and not willing to accept those answers anymore. Out of desperation one day I walked into a small health food store looking for something to help me breathe normally. I do not believe in coincidence, that day God placed a little old lady in my path at that store who asked if she could help me. When I explained to her my symptoms she immediately knew I was dealing with Systemic Candida (yeast) Overgrowth. When I first heard her say those words I was scared. It sounded really scary to a 21-year-old! She asked me if I had ever been on antibiotics for any extended period of time. My answer was yes. For approximately 5 years I took antibiotics as a teenager to help control acne. She shook her head, realizing the root of my problem. I still really had no idea but she assured me that with some time and work, I was going to be OK. She directed me to some natural things that would help me get started in my healing process and recommended a Naturopathic doctor. This is where my Essential Oil story begins. That Dr. became my friend and she helped me establish a natural treatment plan for recovery. Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil) became one of my best friends! I used Melaleuca suppositories and douched with melaleuca and water and for the first time in 2 years had INSTANT RELIEF from the yeast infections! I started cleansing to rid my entire body of the candida. I changed my diet drastically to eliminate sugar and grains and yeast. (SIDE NOTE: Now that I have discovered doterra, that cleansing process is SO MUCH EASIER! I maintain a healthy diet and limit sugar and I cleanse on a quarterly basis.) I began using lemon oil and peppermint oil for cleaning and breathing support. I used lots of herbs and homeopathics as well. (Now that I have CPTG doterra oils, I find that I don’t need additional support for these things). After just a couple of months, I began to feel GREAT and knew that we had finally broken the cycle! It took me about a year to feel like I was past all of it. Melaleuca became my go to oil for all things. If I had a sore in my mouth, I used it. If I was feeling under the weather I would gargle with it and breathe it in. If I had a cut or scrape or burned myself, I used it. I cleaned with it, put it in my shampoo, you name it…. So for years I didn’t even realize there were so many other oils beyond melaleuca, peppermint and lemon!
 Approximately 7 ½ years ago my sister Michelle was looking for natural solutions for her own health issues. In her research she learned about some oils that could help. She researched and chose doterra as a trusted source for oils because of their testing standards and the integrity of the company. She ordered her oils and days later I ordered mine! My primary reason for ordering was to help my 15-month-old son with his dry patchy skin all over his body. I read that lavender was a great support for skin. When I got my oils, I immediately started using lavender on him and not only did it start helping his skin right away but it also helped him sleep through the night for the FIRST TIME EVER! I was HOOKED! I started trying oils for everything! I found that Breathe was super supportive for my anxiety and started diffusing Onguard in my home right away to kill those winter time pathogens! And then there was the Melaleuca…. I have already shared my love for it, however, I was not prepared for how much more I could love it until I smelled doterra’s PURE Melaleuca. I had never experienced that kind of quality. 
These oils worked for everything I tried them on and as I was already into natural solutions they fit right into my life.
When God shows you something this life changing, you can not keep it to yourself! Michelle and I decided to partner early on and we began sharing these oils and products with everyone we knew and then the people they knew! Now it has become our mission to change peoples lives both financially and physically with better health.

I must digress and tell you what I discovered about 3 months into sharing doterra. We had been researching and learning all that we could about oils and doterra’s Life Long Vitality supplements so that we could effectively teach others. I had been using the oils and was in love with them. Prior to discovering doterra, I had researched and was taking top of the line, organic whole food supplements from the health food store. I had patched together several different things that I knew were supportive for me and I definitely felt better when taking them so I was reluctant to make any changes however, after learning about the research and care that had gone into doTERRAs Life Long Vitality I decided what did I have to lose by trying them for a month, after all...
they also have a money back 30-day guarantee! 

So, I added Life Long Vitality(LLV) to my Loyalty Rewards order and started taking it the day that I received it. Boy oh boy was I surprised by the difference I felt within about 3-5 days! My energy (which I had been struggling with daily since I had become pregnant 2 years before) was BACK! I started sleeping through the night again for the first time in I can’t even remember. My daily outlook became more clear and focused and I felt like life had a purpose again. I know, that’s a lot! I didn’t even realize how dreary I was feeling until I didn’t feel like that every day anymore! Now I routinely share how much I love my oils and I use them EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I would honestly have to say that if I had to choose oils or LLV, I would have to choose LLV!

doterra is a such an amazing company to partner with because their product quality is unmatched, the founders are full of integrity and love, the company is debt free (that is HUGE deal in the network marketing industry, it means STABILITY!) and through the Healing Hands Foundation doterra partners with all of their advocates to do amazing humanitarian work here and around the world.

I am so grateful to God for this company and these amazing Gifts of the Earth!