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SPARK Bioenergetic Scan

SPARK Bioenergetic Scan

At SPARK Energetics we don’t believe in guessing when it comes to your health.  The SPARK Bioenergetic Scan allows you to gain deep insights into what’s balanced and working and what requires attention to bring back into balance.  It will also determine what remedies will be most beneficial in balancing your body energetically.  Take the guesswork out of your health!

It works like this:   
  • Order your test and send us a sample of your hair and salvia.  
  • Your samples are scanned in our lab, and a detailed analysis report is emailed to you within about 12 business days. 
The analysis report will give you key insights into what is going on with your body energetically.  The primary objective is to disclose patterns of stress caused by:
  • Allergen Sensitivities
  • Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies
  • Absorption/Digestive Disorders
  • Enzyme Deficiencies
  • Neurotransmitter Imbalances
  • Heavy Metal/ Environmental Toxicity
  • Pathogens
  • Oxidative Stress Levels
  • pH Issues
  • Blood Sugar Imbalances
  • Kidney/ Liver Function
  • Emotional Stressors
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Immune System
How does the Qest4 balance your system?
 The Qest4 energetically balances your system by analyzing the resistance and reactive capacity of the energetic fields within your body.  Through recommended supplementation, the energetic pathways that run through all the organs, glands, and tissues in the body can be restored and maintained to ensure optimum health.  Included in the price of your scan is a custom energetic imprint prepared by the Qest machine to correct the energy imbalances identified in your bioenergetic scan.  

Once your regimen is complete, subsequent scans will show you the progress being made as you work towards becoming stronger, healthier, and more balanced.
A Glimpse Into Your Body
Our body systems work together, so an imbalance in one area can cause other areas to dysfunction.  Blood tests are necessary for diagnosing specific illnesses, however, the SPARK Bioenergetics Scan tells us something deeper:   the contributing factors to these issues.  So while we can’t tell you if you have a specific disease, our scans can tell you the underlying reasons you may be experiencing issues. The first step towards wellness is finding the areas of weakness and balancing them, instead of labeling them with a disease name and throwing pills or surgery at them.

Address Your Chronic Health Concerns
We recommend the SPARK Bioenergetics Scan for all of our clients that are wanting to have balanced health.  We also find this scan is extremely useful to anyone dealing with chronic health concerns.  

If you are tired of treating symptoms without getting to the root of the problem this is the scan for you.  Instead of pinpointing symptoms, we shine a light on the energetic imbalances. 

What’s Included:
  • Custom Energetic Balancing Imprint mailed to you
  • Bioenergetic Analysis Report
  • Recommended supplements and essential oils report*
*Each recommended product is analyzed with the bioenergetic scan to determine which products will best support creating energetic balance in your body.