Spark Energetics Testimonials

I have been thrilled with my results from each of my scans. I have scanned both in person and remotely with samples, and have found them to be extremely helpful. I was surprised by the accuracy based on things I know about my own health and also enlightning about negative health issues I’m hoping to combat. Everyone should take the opportunity to learn more about what’s happening inside their bodies and how they can support better health. -Katrina, South Carolina
 “When I had pneumonia the frequency drops sped up the healing time and I was completely better in two weeks! I’ve never gotten over pneumonia that quickly before.” Lawanda- Parkersburg, WV

"The Spark Bioenergetic scan has helped my 8 year old. He was so sick. Just holding his custom drops made him feel better when he had been nauseated for days. The scan gave us the info as to what needed balanced. I feel like we are on the right track to fixing the problem.  With the recommendations from the scan we know exactly how to tackle it! When I took him to the regular Dr for the same issues, severe nausea over several days/weeks, we were told to give him Claritin!! NOT HELPFUL as Claritin has side effects and makes my kids hallucinate!" Lawanda- Parkersburg, WV

Understanding your own health is one of the most empowering opportunities. For my family, based on the scan we have been able to devise a plan to combat chronic illnesses. For me, Quest4 Scan allowed me to pursue optimal health during my medical anomaly- a battle with sudden hearing loss. I was impressed, to say the least, with the accuracy and specificity of my results. -Isabella, South Carolina
Our dog had a small lump on his side. It was growing pretty rapidly so we sent in samples for the dog scan.  We started using the homeopathic frequencies and the lump is shrinking!  Chad, WV

“My little 14 year old Yorkshire Terrier was having breathing issues. The veterinarian said he had reverse coughing and there was really nothing that could be done for it. I sent saliva and hair samples to Spark. Within a few days of using his imprint remedy we started noticing an improvement in his overall energy levels and his breathing has greatly improved. He is bouncing around the house like a puppy! Thank you so much for providing this testing for pets!!”  Tyler- Morgantown, WV

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