How Can Spark Help

Live a Healthy Life by Sparking Balance

Many common illnesses are caused by imbalances in your body’s frequencies.  SPARK can help you bring your body back into balance and reduce the stress and weakness in your organs and body systems that lead to illness.  

An allergy is an overaggressive immune response that can be triggered by different things for different people.  It could be foods, inhaled irritants such as pollen or pet dander, spores, mold and dust.  These allergies can affect the respiratory system.
Allergies are often associated with a weak adrenal system, immune dysfunction or digestive issues.  By analyzing all of your body’s systems, SPARK can formulate a remedy specific to your body’s needs!

Headaches & Migraines
There are so many things that can trigger headaches including:  allergies, sinus issues, teeth, TMJ, nutrition, eye problems, vertebrae issues, and even more.  SPARK analyzes data from the entire body, measures ALL of your imbalances and creates a custom frequency remedy for YOU.

Digestive Problems
It seems that a majority of clients are experiencing some sort of digestive issues.  There are so many causes of digestive issues ranging from food intolerances, yeast overgrowth, bowel issues and so much more.  SPARK scans can be a great help in getting to the root cause and helping you create a plan along with your frequency imprint remedy.

Cognitive Issues
Chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, nutritional deficiencies, food and chemical sensitivities can all be linked to cognitive issues in children and adults.  SPARK scans will address all of these potential imbalances and have shown great success in balancing and alleviating many of the symptoms associated with cognitive issues. 

Many struggle and hit a plateau in their weight loss journey. The reasons for the plateau can vary from emotional, allergies or sensitivities, or other imbalances in the body.  SPARK scans can help you identify the imbalance and even tell you which foods you should specifically avoid for weight loss as well as supplements and support items for helping you specifically!  You are unique and our scans are tailored to what YOUR body needs along your weight loss journey

Bioenergetic Testing- How Does It Work?

We are all made of energy! The Meridian Assessment Test focuses on blocked energy that is caused by inbalances such as chronic stress, toxins, muscular impairment, and interference from other energies.  

Bioenergetic testing has been used for many years in modern medicine.  The body’s energy is a diagnostic tool to uncover health challenges with machines like EKG, MRI, and Ultrasounds.  It works by reading the body’s energy patterns and measuring its flow in and out of organs and tissues.  Because the assessment is based on defined parameters of health, any deviation from the standard can be readily detected. When an imbalance is detected, thousands of frequencies are then applied to that area and the one that resonates with the body is the balancing frequency that is included in your custom remedy. 
Muscle testing, Kinesiology, Acupuncture and acupressure are other forms of bioenergetics which have been in practice for many years and utilize stimulation points to unblock meridians or flow of energy in the body.
In order to deal with ailments and sensitivities in the most targeted way possible, we first trace them to their roots.  Our scans do just that, using the worlds #1 MSA testing system we gain crucial insights about functions and imbalances within the body.

The scanning process is simple.   Once you order your preferred scan and send in your hair and saliva sample our lab will look deep into the inner workings of your body, scanning for everything from food sensitivities and intolerances to hormone imbalances and deficits.  We then send those results back to you.

The Lab will run three scans:
The first scan is a comprehensive analysis.  This scan will locate the most crucial imbalances that need to be addressed first. 
The second scan is a supplemental analysis.  This scan will recommend what supplements would be beneficial to help you body restore and maintain its proper balance while supporting natural organ functions.
The third scan is an informational/ nutritional analysis.  This scan will identify where are you needing nutritional support as well as looking at the spine and teeth.
These are three guaranteed scans.  Based upon the findings of these scans, the lab will determine if we need to do additional scans.
The Qest4 can identify chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and other toxic materials in your system.   Including any problems or issues caused by dental material such as mercury.  Some frequency imbalances identified are allergies, yeast, fungus, molds, bacterias, viruses, geopathic stressors, etc.

How Does The Qest4 Balance Your System?
The Qest4 balances your system by analyzing the resistance and reactive capacity of the energetic fields within your body.  Through recommended supplementation, the energetic pathways that run through all organs, glands, and tissues in the body can be restored and maintained to ensure optimal health. Included in the price of your scan is a frequency remedy prepared by the Qest machine to balance the frequencies causing dissonance identified in your scans.
We are also trained to scan and help your four legged family members.  We have scans designed for cats, dogs, and horses.

Human Scans are $125
Animal Scans are $75
Do test results correlate with symptoms?

Clients love to see the test reports confirm things they are aware of.  However, the real value of bioenergetic testing is to reveal the root issue causing disharmony in the body.  Many times, these imbalances are not the symptoms.  We use the example of stripping layers off an onion.  Bioenergetic testing reveals the bodies first priorities for healing, and those may or may not correlate with the main symptom the client is experiencing.  As we peal away more layers, different causal aspects of health problems reveal themselves. We encourage you to trust the process and let the body tell us where we need to focus first.  This is why we also say that sometimes it takes 3 or more times to get to the root cause of chronic issues.

The History of Bioenergetics

Bionenergetics stems from Traditional Chinese Medicine which dates back over 4,000 years.  Chinese medicine identified the meridians or energetic channels that form electrical pathways throughout the body.  
The development of modern bioenergetic testing is credited to Dr. Reinhold Voll, MD.  He developed equipment capable of locating acupuncture points.  He then correlated the points with the different parts of the body and their functions.  He essentially weaved western science with Chinese medicine.  
We are thrilled to be among thousands of practitioners using the scientifically advanced bio-energetic machine, Qest4, to measure the electromagnetic frequencies of specific tissues and organs in your body. That, in turn, generates a diagnostic electro blueprint.

 This blueprint pinpoints the cause or causes of disease. It also helps us find the most appropriate homeopathic remedy, or a combination of remedies, for you.

In the U.S more than 70% of patients who seek medical attention suffer from functional disturbances

A functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional lab work or other pathological diagnostics, yet the patient is still experiencing symptoms.  

These disturbances take place when the body can no longer compensate for changes.  Bioenergetic analysis helps detect these energetic and regulatory disturbances earlier than other types of lab testing.  If you are dealing with symptoms and a cause can not be determined you are likely dealing with a functional disturbance that is a precursor of more disease to come.