Our modern world puts a lot of unnatural stress on our bodies.  We are inundated by toxins from commercially processed foods, beauty and self-care products, and even our water, air and environment.  The escalating rates of chronic illness, including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cognitive decline suggest that our environment is doing a lot of harm to our bodies.  

It is so important to stay ahead of and reducing the chances of illness and disease before they take root in our bodies.   Healthy eating, exercise, detoxing, and energy balances are a few ways that we at Spark are living healthier, more energetic lives!

Living a holistic lifestyle not only keeps us healthier, we also spend way less in medical costs.  Prevention is much more affordable than medical care when disease and illness sets in.

Healthy Eating:
Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are the basis of wellness.  Without the proper vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids our bodies are unable to function properly.  When the body lacks even one nutrient it can cause negative effects over time as everything else falls out of balance.  
Eating organic and being careful to avoid genetically modified (GMO) foods is so important for our bodies.  This will help you reduce the amount of toxins and pesticides your body is being expose to.

Exercise isn’t just about keeping fit and at a healthy weight.  Although that is also important!  Exercise also keeps our lymph system moving in order to push toxins out of our systems.   30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week will also help your immune system.  Your cardiovascular system will also benefit greatly!

Our bodies were created to deal with toxins.   However, in this day and age we are becoming overburdened with a much larger amount of toxins than ever before and our bodies need a little extra help flushing them out.  We recommend a gentle 30 day cleanse, Far Infared Sauna, ionic foot baths.

Energy Balancing:
Breakdown or blockage of energy through the body’s meridian pathways create issues in the body.  If these imbalances are not dealt with sickness and disease will set in.   Help your body maintain it’s healthy energetic balance by scanning and correcting these imbalances now, before the symptoms begin.