Live a Healthy Life by Sparking Balance

Our family has utilized alternative healthcare for many generations.  However, in 2010 one of our sisters had unexplained health issues that were not being resolved by traditional medical techniques available.  She spent two years bounced to different specialists with recommendations for exploratory surgeries, and hysterectomy that “might” relieve the symptoms.  She didn’t feel at peace about those options so we turned to a Naturopathic Doctor that utilized MSA testing.  The homeopathic frequencies recommended by the scan started her on the path back to wellness! 

This beautiful combination of modern science & holistic therapies brought her back to complete wellness!

Fast forward to fall 2018 when a teen in our family got a Crohn’s diagnosis.  We had him blood tested for food allergies.  We also sent his hair and saliva sample off to a Naturopathic Doctor for MSA testing.  The blood allergy results came back first. 

 When the MSA testing results matched the results of the blood test we were truly astounded.  

These experiences opened our eyes to the fact that everyone needs these testing options available to them.  We made a commitment to natural health and helping others, especially those like us that are dealing with chronic health issues and not finding answers.   

It is our goal to help others spark healing in their bodies so that they can experience wellness!

We have developed an effective system using Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA) testing of hair and saliva to identify major stressors in the body.  MSA tesing is a form of bioenergetic testing intended to bridge the existing diagnostic and therapeutic gaps. This testing is backed by over 40 years of research.  The MSA identifies your body’s weaknesses and greatest needs.  Alternative holistic options, including homeopathics, herbs, essential oils and supplements will also be tested to see which will help support bringing your body into balance.

Unwanted symptoms used to be the only way our bodies could communicate with us.  

However, symptoms are often the last thing to appear after our bodies are being weakened.  Spark Energetics scanning is our bodies way of communicating to us. 

 At Spark we believe that energy change begins deep in the cells of our body years before those same changes reach our organs, tissues, or glands in the ways measured by traditional testing.

Spark Energetics allows you to tap into the subtle energy which is always present in your body and learn more about what is going on. 

Spark scans help you understand the imbalances in your body, while also providing recommendations to bring the body back to a state of balance. Our database assesses thousands of things including all the organ systems and glands, and many remedies.