When will I start feeling better?
Natural healing can take time. Some clients have experienced remarkable improvement after one scan, while others have required several scans to notice a big difference. There are many factors that determine your healing, such as: Length of time the condition has been present, seriousness of the condition, and most of all, your willingness to follow the recommended protocol. Healing is occurring on a cellular level, even though you may not consciously feel it.  You will likely begin to notice subtle improvements in your energy as weeks go by.
How often should I be scanned?
Everyone is different. Each scan can provide you with priceless information that may never require another scan again. Others use the initial scan as a baseline and each subsequent scan can show someone’s progress over time. We see that the most common scanning is for a client to do three back to back scans and then maintenance scans every 6 to 9 months.  This is a process that will set you on a journey towards feeling better, having more energy and looking younger.
What is the best time to take the drops?
Most find it is easiest to take in the morning and before going to bed. Try to take them at the same time each day
What ages do you work with?
We work with ALL ages from infant to over 100! As long as you can get a saliva sample along with some hair or nail clippings, we can scan them
Can you scan pets?
We have custom scans for dogs, cats and horses! Simply send in a hair and saliva sample.
What if I am bald or do not have much hair?
If you don't have a large enough hair for a sample, you can send both hair & nail clippings. You can send chest hair. If you do not have hair, please send nail clippings from all finger and toenails
Is it okay if my hair is colored/dyed for the sample?
Absolutely! Coloring the hair will not affect the scan results.
Does the hair need to be from the root?
From the root is good but any part of the hair is acceptable.
How does this process benefit me?
The scanning process will take the guesswork out of how to spark wellness in your body and live a healthier life. The scan will show us areas of the body that are stressed, including food and environmental sensitivities that may be contributing to body stress and inflammation, toxins that may be keeping the body out of balance, as well as nutritional & hormonal imbalances. We will be able to create custom homeopathic frequencies specific to what your body needs. As well as determine which herbs, nutritional supplements, essential oils, and homeopathics resonate well with your body to support it in coming back to balance.
How many times should I get scanned? Is once enough?
Every scan provides you with valuable information. Our bodies are all different so what works for one may be different for the other. However, that is the beauty of these scans! A custom remedy specific to your needs are included with each scan. Some have one scan and see marked improvement in health. Others use the initial scan as a baseline and each subsequent scan shows progress over time. Most of our clients do three back to back scans and then maintenance scans every 6 to 9 months.
How long does it take to get my results?
Once we have received your samples we ask that you allow up to 12 business days for your results. You will receive your scan report by email.
What is the best time to take my drops?
We recommend when you wake and before bed. Try to take your drops as close to the same time each day as possible.
Is there a certain way I should store my drops?
Keep drops at least 3 feet from electronic devices such as cell phones, computers, televisions, car dashboards etc. Best solution is to store drops in medicine cabinet or drawer, away from electronics
What should I do if I am currently taking medications?
It is important that you continue to take medication that has been prescribed to you by a physician. Should you choose to share the SPARK analysis with your physician, any modifications to your current prescriptions and or medication is completely between you and your physician.
What is in the drops I received?
The solution begins as simply water and saline or alcohol, which act as a stabilizer. After your analysis, the water is imprinted with frequencies to assist in the process of bringing your body back in balance.