Why Essential Oils? 
Essential Oils are everyday wellness tools for us. They are aromatic compounds from plants.  These compounds protect the plants from environmental threats and pathogens.  They can do the same for our bodies!  

We use them all throughout our day, every single day!  We bathe in them, cook with them, clean with them, use them as perfume, diffuse them to support our moods, uplift and energize.  We use them internally for their cleansing and digestive support properties. And for a good night's rest, digestive ease, hormonal support, glowing skin and so much more. We have an oil for everything!
We would be honored to teach you how to use these incredible oils!

Not all essential oils are created equal. You want an oil that not only smells good, but does what it's supposed to do. You want oils that are created from plants that are grown in their indigenous environment, harvested at the optimal time, distilled without solvents, and tested with quality and potency standards to prove they are potent, pure and free of toxins. Whether you are looking at oils for personal use or as a business, it's important to align yourself with the purest, safest and most effective products.
When we were getting started we did extensive research on all the companies out there and found doTERRA to be the best fit for us.
There are several things we looked at when making our decision:
1. Sourcing - Where the plants and oils come from
2. How the oils are distilled
3. Testing to assure potency, purity, absence of chemicals, toxins, fillers, weeds, and contaminants
4. Reliability of the company

Over the past 5 years of our doTERRA journey we have had the opportunity to witness the quality of the oils, the commitment to excellence and compassion for others, and the ethics of the amazing executives that started the company. We have been blessed to help start a ginger field in Jamaica where some of our ginger oil comes from and experience doTERRAs Co-Impact Sourcing first hand!

Co-Impact Sourcing is one of doTERRA's incredible missions! doTERRA partners with farmers and growers all over the planet to grow plants in the most indigenous climate. We create partnerships with the growers and farmers, many of which are in third world or under developed regions. Whole communities thrive because of these partnerships and become self sustaining. doTERRA is changing our lives by providing the purest and most potent oils but they are changing lives of people all over the world by partnering with them for Co-Impact Sourcing!
If you like what you're hearing, a Wholesale Membership is for you!