The Beautiful Truth Of doTERRA Essential Oils

The world is plagued by various problems during this unprecedented time. Political tensions, issues in society, and - especially with this pandemic – the resources in our health system. There are environmental problems that have plagued us for a very long time. In our generation, we have technology and innovation to thank for making our lives easier. However, the amount of carbon footprints and CO2 emission we produce continue to skyrocket thus creating an imminent threat to our ecosystem if we don’t do something about it.

With that being said, companies are being asked to to comply with  environmental actions: how to lessen their carbon footprints, the usage of alternative resources that are eco-friendly, and practicing eco-friendly habits to reduce waste. A lot of companies have adhered to these practices. Department stores have started to use paper bags more than plastic and other businesses have found alternatives in making their items from organic and reusable materials. However, others have continued to use plastics and other toxic materials. Beauty and cleaning product companies are some of the most toxic in the industry. 

Come to think of it, these items are things we use on a daily basis. In getting ready for our day, self care, cleaning our surroundings, and improving our lives overall. However, we often fail to see the negative impact that these products create in turn for their uses.

Make-up kits, lipsticks, house cleaning agents, and other items use plastic since it's durable. However, the amount of plastic these items use is staggering. Moreover, it takes
years for plastic to degrade . This further adds to the problem of plastic pollution which – unfortunately – ends up in our oceans and streams killing marine life.

Second would be the amount of toxins contained inside of these products. It is said that the average American woman applies over 500 chemicals to her body before walking out of the house each morning.  The amount of toxins in cleaning products is staggering as well.  

DoTERRA works to ensure that they are being good stewards of the environment.  You may ask: “what differentiates them from the rest of the companies?” It is simple. They use all-natural processes and less resources to create their essential oils. Here are some reasons why you should start to substitute your toxic household cleaners and daily beauty products with doTERRA essential oils.

1. Co-Impact Sourcing: DoTERRA sources their oils from small scale farmers and  harvesters  all across the globe. Instead of buying enormous plots of lands for mass-producing these resources, they work with local farmers, individuals and cooperatives in sourcing plant materials to create the oils. doTERRA creates partnerships with these groups and individuals and are committed to working with them through their very own Global Botanical Networking. 

2. Essential Oil Science:  doTERRA has been credited for single handedly raising the essential oil industry in terms of science and bring it into the forefront.    doTERRA has proven experts and in-house scientists dedicated to maximizing the effects of doTERRA essential oils on your body. Rest assured, they will help your body relax, they will make your face look brighter, your immunity will improve aches and pains will be relieved, you will feel better over all.  

3. doTERRA has partnered with various non-profit organizations in reducing global footprint and helping other advocacies around the globe. They have various projects like the Co-impact Sourcing and the Source to You campaign that both help their partners and customers in improving their lives. doTERRA makes sure that they source materials with the best practices in reducing carbon footprints. Their partners are local farmers and individuals who have expertise on growing these plants that are essential in distilling the oils for generations. 

Moreover, it is assured that they use the natural way of distilling and extracting these oils without harming the environment. With their Source to You campaign, doTERRA makes sure that their customers get the best benefits that the essential oils provide. They could assure you that the process done by their partners all the way to delivering it straight to you remains toxic free and would never be harmful to the environment.

With these practices, rest assured that doTERRA is absolutely doing their part in conserving the environment and to lessen carbon emission to a minimum. By using doTERRA essential oils, the aim is not just to create the best essential oils to help you relax and improve your health, but also to preserve and care about our homes while being friendly to our beautiful earth. If you want to do your part in conserving the environment in your own little way, switching to essential oils for your cleaning and self care and ditching those toxin filled products is a great place to start!  doTERRA believes that we are all stewards of the Earth. 

Check out this link for more info about doTERRA's sustainability initiatives.  

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