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Food Sensitivty Scan

Food Sensitivty Scan

The Food Sensitivity Scan can help you determine what you are eating or drinking that could be causing digestive issues such as gas, bloating, skin issues, brain fog and even joint pain. 

It works like this:   Order your test and send us a sample of your hair, saliva and nail clippings.  The samples you send are analyzed in our lab, and a detailed Food Sensitivity and Comprehensive analysis report is emailed to you within about 12 business days.  

Included in the price of your scan is a frequency remedy prepared by the Qest machine to balance the frequencies causing dissonance identified in your scans. This frequency remedy will arrive shortly after your Analysis Report has been emailed to you. Using this frequency remedy morning and night will keep your body balanced and support it in not having negative histamine response to the trigger items. 

What’s Included:
  • Custom Body Balancing Remedy mailed to you
  • Bioenergetic Analysis Report
  • Food Sensitivity Analysis Report
  • Recommended supplements and essential oils*
*Each recommended product is analyzed with the bioenergetic scan to determine which products will best support creating balance in your body. Once you have reviewed Bioenergetic analysis report you can order any of the supplements and essential oils that your body needs for additional support.