Oils to Support Anxious Feelings

One of the things that we really love about Essential oils is the ability to choose our own mood!  We have 4 mood management oils that were designed to support your moods and emotions.  These oils are wonderful for supporting anxious feelings.

The Grounding Blend has Frankincense and other tree oils. This is a personal favorite and an oil we use every single day!

Citrus Bliss
The Invigorating Blend smells just like a Dream Sickle!  It contains Wild Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Tangerine and a touch of Vanilla.  Such an uplifting yet calming blend!

The Joyful Blend which contains Melissa, Sandalwood and other powerful emotional healing oils.

The Calming Blend which contains Lavender and other relaxing oils like Roman Chamomile and Marjoram.  Incredibly relaxing blend!

There are multiple ways that you can use these oils to support your emotions and balance your mood.  One simple way is diffusing everyday!

Each morning I apply Balance on the bottoms of my feet. Throughout the day if I begin feeling anxious or stressed I apply a drop of Balance to the back of my neck and to my wrists.  I can feel the tension melt off my shoulders!

I love to diffuse 4 drops of Citrus Bliss + 4 drops of Elevation. I call this my Here comes the Sun Blend!  This combo is so uplifting but also very soothing to the central nervous system so it is very helpful with those anxious and stressed feelings.

I mist my pillow with Serenity every night before I lay down. You can also put it in a diffuser in the bedroom.  If I am having trouble getting my mind to shut off I will also apply a drop on the bottoms of my big toe.  Some people diffuse and apply topically!

We truly believe that everyone can benefit from these amazing oils to help deal with stress in our crazy days.  If you would like more information on these oils or you would like to order please send us a message!  We would love to support you on your oily journey!

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